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A few weeks ago we posted a live trade example of how to use the Global Trend Value (GTV) to find trend reversals. You can read that post (here). The Global Trend Value is one of many powerful data sets included in your 4XVision membership. This live trade example is submitted by a user “codarfx”, you can view his forum profile (here).

Codarfx’s Live Trade Video

The video I recommend you to watch is a live trade example with Tradevision Scalping Matrix Dashboard.

This video is intended for complete newbies when it comes to forex trading. This is proof that they can use Tradevision2020 tools with as much benefit as the regular forex trades. The simplest method to use for such traders would be the following:

  1. Find trade opportunities using Scalping Matrix Dashboard – watch for PBT (Predictive Bias Tech.) or Global Trend Value bars
  2. Execute trades using the Binary Trading platform of your choice

In this example we found the Global Trend value bar of AUDUSD to be overextended in the SELL zone (-9.5). Being that the retracement is imminent, we’ve opened the HIGHER (or BUY) position on the Binary Trading Platform with the expiration time of around 10 minutes – this is the time we are allowing AUDUSD to start the retracement. Everything longer than 10 minutes and we risk the continuation of the trend, anything shorter and we risk to miss the beginning of the retracement. We invested $10 with the 70% winning ratio ($7). We then just waited for the trade to end.
Ideally, we would see our trade action shooting upwards and after a few minutes setting down at the safe distance from the opening price. But it’s normal for the action to take another dive or two before a big push in the upward direction.

And that’s it! If the prediction from the Scalping Matrix Dashboard is right, the retracement will begin within 10 minutes and all we need really is for the price to be one pip above the opening price and we would win.

Please note:
When trading with Binary Trading Platform, it’s more like betting on the trade action, you will often feel an instant gratification which can lead to poor money management. Be careful, trade only when you see the real opportunity in Scalping Matrix Dashboard. Do not open the follow-up trade if you lost the previous one. Cooldown and look for another setup. Invest only the money you can afford to lose – around 10% of your deposited amount.

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