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Leverage data from dozens of live charts, identify trends, find over-sold or overbought conditions and catch impulses before they happen!

Trend Matrix: How it Works & How It’ll Help You Trade Faster!

The Trend Matrix makes it easier for you to analyze trends and find the trends within trends in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it yourself. Well, unless you enjoy opening dozens of charts, drawing trend lines, apply indicators and manually reading all of the data?

This powerful Forex trading tool combines trend speed with trend strength to show you both when a trend is over exhausted and the direction it’s headed. Plus, it saves you real estate on your screen by consolidating multiple currency pairs across multiple time frames in one view. 

Case in point: the Trend Matrix displays composite values for 17 currency pairs across 6 different time frames. To pull the same data yourself, you would have to open 102 live charts, somehow organize them on your monitors… and then… begin manually analyzing all 102 charts. Whew, I got tired just typing that out! 

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Currency Pairs

Time Frames

If you like trend trading, this will be your new favorite tool!

The Trend Matrix will help you find the trends within the trends, fast and accurate

Serious Power

Lighting fast servers running on AWS and processing more than 100 charts of data in real-time.

Find Trends

Imagine having trend data from 100+ live charts in a single view and zero load on your PC or Mac!

Save Time

Quickly analyze dozens of currency pairs from a single chart window and waste less time.

The Trend Matrix – a closer look

The Trend Matrix accommodates every type of trader with 6 different time frame composites: high-frequency traders, swing traders, momentum traders, position traders, and day traders. Each time frame composite is color-coded, so you know which currency pair and which time frame you’re looking at. 

Here’s the gist: Each time frame trend is a composite of several different indicator outputs. We used a few proprietary indicators and all of the standard indicators: RSI, MACA, moving averages, fractals, etc… and all in a single view. 

Through the tool, you can drill down into trends all the way from macro to real-time. From there, you will find trends within each segment. Think of it as waves on a beach. You can use the data to decide which set of waves you want to surf and avoid the rip-tide! All joking aside, this is a powerful tool!

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Focused analysis means more time back to you

To use the tool, you can turn off the currencies you don’t care about, and focus on only the two in question. Know that while the Trend Matrix collects and computes data, it requires more than 100+ live charts in the background. Our servers do all the work. You just load the data in a browser.

Since multiple time frames and multiple graphs take care of digesting data for you, you won’t have to coop in your office to follow the trend or spend mental energy analyzing it.

Instead, you can hop offline and come back to your screen with more information than what you would have had if you stayed online. 

The more you track a trade’s trends (and the more time frames you have to help you to do so), the more successful you’ll become at trading with the trend.  

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