The Forex Trader’s Dashboard

Your New HQ for Trading

Our Forex Trader’s Dashboard is the hub of our technology and it is designed to be 100% user-friendly with almost no learning curve. Less time learning, more time earning.

Welcome to 4XVision


Everything you need, all in one Dashboard


Our Forex Trader’s Dashboard is the central hub where all the trading tools live. It’s how you access all of our Pro Membership products. It is designed so any trader can navigate the dashboard no matter their experience. The Trader’s Dashboard’s UI is old school: it’s familiar, simple, and user-friendly. We didn’t aim for an innovative, cutting-edge design, because we believe the simpler, the better—especially when it comes to user portals.

4XVision Traders Dashboard
4XVision Traders Dashboard

How does it work?

As you use each tool, you can customize your experience to better compliment the type of trader you are and the types of trades you want to monitor and analyze. Here are each of the benefits the Trader’s Desktop provides:


  • Custom Layouts – You can resize and organize our tools however you wish, then save your layout to access later. You can have dozens of different saved custom layouts. Example: you might save a layout for each currency pair that you trade, or a layout just for day trading, etc…
  • Member Portal – We included shortcuts to pages that you may want to access from time to time, like: your Pro Membership account page, Pro Membership support tickets, Pro Membership forum and much more.
  • Instructional Videos – We have dedicated instructional videos for each product and you can access them directly from the Trader’s Dashboard.
  • Custom Alerts – You can setup and create custom alerts and have them sent as a pop-up in the Trader’s Dashboard, as an SMS or email.
  • Critical Updates – We can also send urgent updates and trade ideas to the Trader’s Dashboard to keep you informed and up-to-date on everything related to trading the Forex market and with our systems and tools.
  • System Status – We included a simple icon in the bottom right corner of the Trader’s Dashboard to keep you informed about your connection status. If it’s “green with a check mark”, you are connected to our servers. If it’s “red with an X”, you are not connected. 

Try Our Forex Matrix Trade Signals

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Why haven’t I heard of the 4XVision before?

We are brand new. Well, sort of. Our tools and technology have been in development for more than 15 years. We’ve been waiting for technology advancements so we could launch our tools.

Can I afford your service?

We don’t like to assume anything, but if you can afford $29 a month (or less if you prepay) then yes, you can afford this. We want to help traders, not fleece their pockets. We won’t nickle-n-dime you either. Everything is included.

We will not promise that our prices will stay at $29 a month. In fact, we guarantee that our prices will go up. HOWEVER, you will keep your $29 price for as long as you use our service. Part of the advantage of signing up now is locking in these discounted rates. No matter how much we increase our prices in the future, you will keep the rate you pay today.

We even offer a referral program if you’re into that sort of thing (for paying members only).


4XVision Technology

Our patented technology will streamline your market analysis process and help you find trades in minutes, not hours or days.

4XVision Currency Matrix



The Currency Matrix separates pairs of currencies, so you can analyze each currency in separate graphs. In doing so, it siloes the process, providing a more efficient means to analyze market trends. You will be able to analyze the Forex Market measuring the strength and weaknesses of individual currencies.

4XVision Trend Speed Matrix



This powerful Forex trading tool combines trend speed with trend strength to show you both when a trend is over exhausted and the direction it’s headed. Plus, it saves you real estate on your screen by consolidating multiple currency pairs across multiple time frames in one view. 

4XVision BVQ Matrix



The Currency Matrix breaks down currency pairs, and the CVB Matrix takes the data from each individual currency and aligns it with the base and the cross for lightening-fast analysis across the 17 most traded Forex Currency Pairs! Yes, there’s more to it than that, but that is the easiest way to explain it!

4XVision Scalping Matrix



Designed for high-frequency traders, the Scalping Matrix predicts trends based on predictive bias trend data (PBT). The Scalping Matrix helps high-frequency traders analyze the market from a single view (versus gleaning from other metrics). Be warned! This tool is seriously addictive!

The Matrix Trade Signals

  • Signals are generated from our proprietary trading systems and tools
  • Sends real-time trade signals 24/5 – if the retail market is open, the trade signals will send
  • Our Matrix Trade Signals track 17 currency pairs (we will add more very soon!)
  • We take a live chart shot with each trade signal so you can reference the market
  • We have fixed formula for calculating your Stop and Limit
  • We DO NOT have multiple targets or other gimmicks – these are set-n-forget trade signals – you still need to monitor your trades, but that’s it

Here’s the gist: We know some traders don’t want to find their own trades. At least not at first. So we created a powerful (and accurate) trading system from our tools. Our Matrix Trade Signals run from market open to market close each week. They include the exact entry price (we will teach you how to calculate your Stop and Limit for each trade) with a buy or sell indicator, a live chart shot so you can referrence the market and a timer so you know how long each signal has been running. 

Yes, if you chose to, you could ignore our tools and just use our signals, but please don’t. We will teach how to use both and eventually find your own trades. The ole “teach a man or woman to fish and all that…”. 

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