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Leverage data from dozens of live charts, identify trends, find over-sold or overbought conditions and catch impulses before they happen!

The Currency Matrix is Here, and It’s as Cool as it Sounds!

The Currency Matrix separates pairs of currencies, so you can analyze each currency in separate graphs. In doing so, it siloes the process, providing a more efficient means to analyze a trade’s trend. You will be able to analyze the Forex Market measuring the strength and weaknesses of individual currencies. Go beyond the power of conventional charting!

Background Charts


Major Currencies

Time Frames

Harness the power of more than 100 live chart from a single view!

The Currency Matrix pulls real-time data from dozens of currency pairs

Serious Power

Lighting fast servers running on AWS and processing more than 100 charts of data in real-time.

Base vs Quote

Analyze trends by measuring the relative strength of the base and quote side of each pair.

Save Time

Quickly analyze dozens of currency pairs from a single chart window and waste less time.

What is the Forex Currency Matrix?

  • Measures trend strength of each individual currency in the same relative time frame
  • Provides data in 5 different timeframes
  • Gives data on the eight most popular currencies in the world
  • Displays user-friendly illustrations of data for fast analysis

Here’s the gist: all currency pairs consist of two parts, right? You’ve got the base (which is the left side of the pair) and the quote (the right side of the pair).

Very few traders or trading tools split currency pairs apart to analyze each individual currency. But the Currency Matrix does just that: it divides each currency pair in half to help you more accurately evaluate a currency pair’s trend.

In analyzing that, you can better anticipate wholesale market trends and, in turn, minimize your time spent and maximize your opportunity to make a profit.

4XVision Currency Matrix

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Why haven’t I heard of the Currency Matrix before?

Because there’s nothing like it. If you google “currency matrix,” you’ll find tables and tools that either require a high learning curve or don’t streamline the process. What’s more, none of these tools make the process time-efficient or cut down on the amount of time you have to spend tracking trends.

How does it work?

The Currency Matrix pulls real-time data from over 56 currency pairs, three separate feeds, and eight currency types to display a larger cross-section of live market price action. It then runs each currency pair through dozens of algorithms to generate an output.

Let’s say you’re working with the yen (JPY) and the Canadian dollar (CAD). In practice, the Currency Matrix would display each currency’s history and trajectory in separate graphs and time frames, so you don’t have to digest the pair at once.

Instead of closely following a currency pair’s tug-of-war over time, you can track each currency’s trend in increments.

Trade with Precision

Most of the time, the long-term time frame gives us the best synopsis of where the trade is headed. But if we want to look at a trade’s trend in a single day, for instance, the short-term time frame would be of greater value.

How will analyzing individual currencies help me?

If you’re thinking, “why should I split currency pairs in half if most traders don’t?” We’re glad you asked! 

In analyzing an individual currency’s base and quote, you can better determine how the current trend arrived at where it is, as well as better anticipate how the trade will trend in the future.

The more you track a trade’s trends (and the more time frames you have to help you to do so), the more successful you’ll become at trading with the trend.  

Focused analysis means more time back to you

To use the tool, you can turn off the currencies you don’t care about, and focus on only the two in question. Know that while the Currency Matrix collects and computes data, it requires more than 100+ live charts in the background.

Since multiple time frames and multiple graphs take care of digesting data for you, you won’t have to coop in your office to follow the trend or spend mental energy analyzing it.

Instead, you can hop offline and come back to your screen with more information than what you would have had if you stayed online. 

The more you track a trade’s trends (and the more time frames you have to help you to do so), the more successful you’ll become at trading with the trend.  

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