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Leverage data from dozens of live charts, identify trends, find over-sold or overbought conditions and catch impulses before they happen!

BVQ Matrix + the Currency Matrix = Easier Trading!

The Currency Matrix breaks down currency pairs, and the BVQ Matrix takes the data from each individual currency and aligns it with the base and the quote for lightening fast analysis across the 17 most traded Forex Currency Pairs! Yes, there’s more to it than that, but that is the easiest way to explain it!

Essentially, the BVQ Matrix draws on the same data the Currency Matrix provides, but it takes it a step further by calculating weighted averages and then displaying the averages of each base and quote—so you can see a global value for each currency pair based on the average Currency Matrix values for the base and quote.

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Powerful Metrics

The BVQ Matrix processes an unimaginable amount of data!

The BVQ Matrix calculated real-time data from 100’s of live chart to generate data for 17 currency pairs!

Serious Power

Lighting fast servers running on AWS and processing more than 100 charts of data in real-time.

Base vs Quote

Analyze trends by measuring the relative strength of the base and quote side of each pair.

Save Time

Quickly analyze dozens of currency pairs from a single chart window and waste less time.

How does the Forex BVQ Matrix work?

  • Base = It takes all of the Base Currency Matrix Data and complies an average
  • Quote = It takes all of the Quote Currency Matrix Data and complies an average
  • Average = Then it take the averaged Base & Quote values and complies another average
  • Global Trend Value = Finally, it takes all of the Trend Matrix data per pair and complies an average

Here’s the gist: The Base & Quote composite is a weighted average of all six Currency Matrix time frames. And the Base + Quote average—just as the name implies—is a true average of the Base and Quote values for each pair. Extremely powerful and amazingly accurate. 

Global Trend Value crunches even more data! The Global Trend Value is a weighted composite average of all six-time frames from the Trend Matrix. The Trend Matrix is a composite of eighteen or so different technical indicators (MA’s, RSI’s, CCI’s Fractals, etc…) + a few proprietary indicators.

4XVision BVQ Matrix

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How can the Forex BVQ Matrix help me?

In a nutshell, the BVQ Matrix helps users better understand the Currency Matrix. It’s a correlation tool that shows traders which side of the pair is driving the trend and has more momentum. 

The four metrics help you base trade better by giving you insight on what’s going on in the market at a quick glance. With the Correlation Matrix, you’ll know when to invest in a trade and when to hold a trade better than before.

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