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Very few things are as frustrating as trying to find the end or turn in a long term Forex trend. Some trends seem to stretch on forever, while others push very hard and fade (turn) quickly. What if you had a tool to find tops and bottoms? The Global Trend Value (GTV) is just the tool you’ve been looking for. We strongly encourage trading in the direction of a trend, but it’s also important to know when a trend is changing direction. The Global Trend Value doesn’t measure price swings or session swings. The Global Trend Value accurately predicts a long term trend shift. 

The turn won’t happen super fast. Remember, the Global Trend Value is signaling long term trend changes. When the Global Trend Value reaches +/- 9.9, the respective currency pair is about to change direction. However, these turns usually take 1 to 2 days to complete. Most pairs will form a double top/bottom and then turn (NOTE: sometimes the double top/bottom will be slightly higher or lower). I figured a live example would be a great way to illustrate how the Global Trend Value works. 

GBPCHF Live Example

As of this posting, the GBPCHF just completed a massive impulse to the upside. Normally, you wouldn’t try to fade a move like this and it looks like it will consolidate sideways. However, notice the arrow. At that moment on the chart, the Global Trend Value for GBPCHF hit +9.9. This indicates that the pair should reverse its trend over the next 24 to 48 hours and begin a longer-term short trend. That swing high to the right on the chart could be the double top confirmation. Watch this pair over the next few days and watch the new short trend materialize. I’ll post a follow-up in a few days. 

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