Hello my fellow traders. Here is our analysis on NZDJPY . We have uploaded a Weekly chart in our comment section with support and resistance . As we can see that there is a triple top formation on the H1 Time-frame. So our analysis is that the pair will fall till the support or till the trend-line is hit. The trend-line which was the resistance earlier, is now support for NZDJPY .

Let us know your views on this in the comment section. Thank you all.

There is a good news for our followers. We will be doing analysis on demand. So let us know which pair you want our analysis on and we will get it for you. Do like and follow us.


Ryan Lopes

Ryan Lopes

Ryan.R.Lopes, trader and analyst. Holds strength in Support and resistance, trade-line and breakouts. Having experience in FOREX, COMMODITIES and STOCK MARKET for more than 5 years and now Backed by a powerful team that has more than 10 years of experience.