4XVision Owner’s Manual

Here you will find instructions for all of our trading tools, trading signals and all other Pro Membership products.

Getting Started

Start here: A quick overview to all of your Pro Membership benefits and products.

Trader's Desktop

The Trader’s Desktop is our main UI and where you will spend most of your time.

Understanding our tools

How our tools work and how to use them.

Why you want to use our forum

Our forum might be our most important trading resource.

Currency Matrix

This is our core trading tool. Understanding this tool is key to your success with our tools.

BVQ Matrix

This is a different, perhaps better, way to view and use our Currency Matrix data.

Trend Matrix

Measure trend strength and speed to increase profits and your risk/reward ratio.

Scalping Matrix

If you have A.D.D. this might be your favorite trading tool. Seriously though!

ATR Matrix

It’s important to understand ATR’s and how they can improve your trading.

Matrix Trade Signals

Everything you need to know. A complete guide.

Support Options

You have more options than you think. Here is a list.