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Our forum is an endless resource for trade ideas, tips on how to better use our trading tools and much more!

Take advantage of all that Our Forum has to offer. We have dedicated sub-forums for each trading tool, pro member only sections and other helpful resources.

You’re Already Set-up!

When you signed up for your Pro Membership, a forum account with same username and password was automatically generated. You can use your Pro Membership login credentials to access our forum. Zero hassle and easy.


NOTE: if you created a forum account before becoming a Pro Member and want to continue using your old forum information, just shoot us an email and we will link both accounts. 

Forum Main Menu

Our forum menu allows you to quickly find what you are looking for. From left to right on the menu:

  • 4XVision Website (our main website)
  • Home (the index page of the forum)
  • Forums (a list of all our sub-forums)
  • What’s New (the most recent posts in every sub-forum)
  • Resources (downloads and other items)
  • Members (a list of all forum users)

Our forum can get quite busy. The menu will help you cut through the noise and find exactly what you want!

Support Forums

Providing excellent support for our Pro Members is our top priority. We have dedicated sections on our forum to help you:

  • New Member Questions (just as the name implies)
  • Technical Support (if you are having issues with our technology you can post here and get help)
  • Member Support Tickets (access to all of your Pro Member support tickets)
  • Pro Member Account Page (quick access to your Pro Membership account page)

Try to use the sub-forum that makes the most sense, but NEVER be afraid to post a question.

Product Forums

We have dedicated product forums, one for each of our trading tools. You can share ideas, learn from other members and much more. This is an excellent way to learn how to use a tool better.

If you have a personal trading system with one of our tools, please share your insights on the forum. You never know, someone might have a suggestion to make your set up even better!


Market Analysis & Trade Ideas

Our trading team posts daily market analysis and trade ideas on the forum. This is a great way to save time and find great trades!