Getting Started

Our 4XVision Pro Membership is designed to give you everything you need to become a profitable Forex trader. We offer a lot of trading tools that cannot be found anywhere else. Understanding what these tools are and how to use them is key to your success.

Please take a moment and orient yourself by reading this short introduction. Many members will skip ahead to tools and miss out on some of their benefits.

Pro Member Portal

If you haven’t yet, please take a moment and become familiar with your Pro Member Portal area. Your portal area has all of the critical links, downloads, updates and other important information.

NOTE: you can change your billing information, update your email, change alert settings and much more.


Member Forum

Our forum is a key resource for your Pro Membership. Our Pro Members will submit trading ideas, helpful tips, questions and other valuable information.

NOTE: When you signed up a forum account was automatically created. There are areas of the forum that only Pro Members can access and use.


Forex Trader’s Desktop

You will spend a majority of your time using our Forex Trader’s Desktop. This is the home of all our trading tools and trade signals.

NOTE: there are quick-links to the Trader’s Desktop on the main website page, the forum and in our Pro Membership Portal.