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Forex BVQ Matrix - Catching Swing Trades


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Hello all,

I created this short video to further explain our BVQ Matrix and how to use it. This is a powerful tool for catching swing tops and bottoms. You'll average anywhere from 5 to 30 trades per week depending on price action. I suggest the following rules when swing trade via the BVQ Matrix:
  1. Wait for a value of +/- 9.9 on either the Base, Quote or Average values. Never enter early. You will miss a few trades, but it's better to wait for full confirmation.
  2. When you get a value of +/- 9.9, take a trade in the opposite direction (i.e., if the GBP is +9.9, you would sell the GBPUSD, GBPCHF, GBPAUD and buy the EURGBP).
  3. Use the following values to calculate your Stop, Limit and position (lot) size for the trade: Stop = 1 x 4Hour ATR, Limit = 1 x Daily ATR. You should get a 1:3 RR ratio for the trade.
Tip - When possible, wait for the PBT data to reach the same value to catch the best possible entry. Example: if the GBP has a value of +9.9, wait for the PBT value on either the GBPUSD, GBPCHF or GBPAUD to also reach +9.9 before entering your trade, or the PBT value to reach -9.9 on the EURGBP. This isn't required, but it's an excellent way to avoid holding a negative trade.

Here is the video:



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I take these trades as well. They don't happen very often, but they are very profitable for me. Definitely wait for a value of 9.9 or you will learn a hard less, I did. Oof. As long as you wait, these trades are fantastic!